The Salvation Army Song Book: 542

ยป Praise and thanksgiving


Tunes:The cross now covers my sins, 486; Crugybar, 507
Meter: D.
I stand all bewildered with wonder
And gaze on the ocean of love,
And over its waves to my spirit
Comes peace like a heavenly dove.

The cross now covers my sins.
The past is under the blood:
I'm trusting in Jesus for all.
My will is the will of my God.

I struggled and wrestled to win it,
The blessing that setteth me free;
But, when I had ceased from my struggling,
His peace Jesus gave unto me.

He laid his hand on me and healed me,
And bade me be every whit whole;
I touched but the hem of his garment,
And glory came thrilling my soul.

The Prince of my peace is now passing,
The light of his face is on me;
But listen, beloved, he speaketh:
My peace I will give unto thee.
Authors: Wilbur Fisk Crafts (1850-1922)
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